About User Accounts

To access Javek you must have a user account. User accounts allow Javek to keep information private - for instance, if you create an event and add Jane Doe's user account to the event, your user account and Jane Doe's user account are the only ones that will be able to access the event.

Creating User Accounts

[Click to enlarge]If you need to create a large number of users read about importing users from other software. Otherwise, go to the Administration tab in the top navigation bar and click on User Accounts in the menu on the right. You will see a list of all of the users in your Javek subscription as shown in the screenshot to the right. You can filter the list by entering search terms in the filter inputs above the list. To add a user click on the "Add a User" button at the bottom of the page.

You will see a popup form as shown in the second screenshot to the right; to add a user fill out the form and click "Save changes".

If you assign the new user to the Administrator group, the user will be able to see all other users in your Javek subscription. [Click to enlarge]This means that wherever you have a list of users, such as in the user filter dropdown on the Events list page, every user will be included in that list. If you assign the new user to any group besides the Administrator group you can select which users, if any, will be visible to the new user by checking the boxes in the list of users shown at the bottom of the screenshot to the right.

Editing/Deleting User Accounts

To edit a user click the user's name in the list shown under Administration > User Accounts; the same popup form you use to create users will appear. To delete a user click the "Delete" button to the right of a user in the list. A popup will ask you to confirm that you really want to delete the user; if you click "Ok" the user will be permanently deleted. If the deleted user has made any comments in any existing events the comments will still be shown, but the user name for the comment will say "Deleted User".

Editing User Fields

[Click to enlarge]User accounts in Javek have six standard fields: "First Name", "Last Name", "Title", "Company", "Email" and "Password". If you would like to add more information about your clients to your user accounts you can add more fields. In the following example we will walk you through adding a field called "Client ID".

Step One: Click on the "Edit User Fields" button at the bottom of the page under Administration > User Accounts. You will see a popup form listing all of the current user fields as shown in the screenshot to the right. To add a new field click the "Add new field" button; a text input with the title "New Field" will appear above the button.

[Click to enlarge]Step Two: Enter "Client ID" in the text box as shown in the screenshot to the right. If you want to add more fields you can click the "Add new field" button again. If you ever want to delete any custom fields just click the "Delete" link to the right of the input box. None of your changes will be saved until you click the "Save changes" button, so you can cancel what you have done at any time by clicking the "Close [X]" link in the top right of the popup.

When you add a new field a new input box will show up in the Add/Edit User form discussed above. If you delete a custom field all user information entered into that field will also be deleted.

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