Sending Files to Non-Users

If you want to share a file with someone, but don't want to create a user account for them, you can email them a download link. They will not need to login to Javek - they can just click the link, and the file you are sharing will download directly to their computer.

Sending Files From Your Computer

If the file has not been uploaded to Javek and is on your own computer, go to the Send Fiels tab and enter the email address of the recipient(s) in the "Recipient's Email Address". If you like, add a message to include in the email. Next, click the "Upload Files" button and click the "Add Files" button in the uploader widget to select files on your computer. Click the "Start Upload" button to upload your file(s). Once all of your files are uploaded, click "Send Message".

Sending Assets or Resources

If the file is an asset in a bucket or event, open the bucket or event and find the file in the asset list. If the file is a resource, go to Administration > Resources. Click the checkbox for the file to select it and click the "Send" email icon below the checkbox column. Enter the recipient's email address and click "Send". The recipient will receive an email alerting them that you would like to send them a file; the email will contain a link they can click to download the file.


In order to maintain the security of your files, the download link sent can only be used once. In addition, it will expire 48 hours after being sent, and uses an https url so the file will be downloaded through an encrypted connection. However, email can be inherently insecure, so we recommend against using download links for particularly important files. (You cannot guarantee the security of your recipient's email setup.) To share very sensitive files, it is better to create Javek user accounts for your recipients so you can give them access to buckets or events with the files they need.


You will receive an email notice when someone uses a download link to download a file you sent.

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