Accepting files through your own website (Public Buckets)

You can embed an encrypted upload form on your own website, allowing people to send you files even if they don't have a user account or don't want to login to Javek.

The embedded form requires people to enter an email address and name when uploading a file. Javek sorts these files by email address, automatically creating a bucket for each email address and adding the files as Assets.

Example: If uploads a file through the form you embedded on your website, Javek will create a bucket called "Public Bucket for John Doe", add the email address to the bucket description, and add the file to the bucket as an Asset. From this point on any files uploaded through your embedded form by will be placed in this bucket as an Asset.

Whenever a file is uploaded with an embedded form, you will receive an email notice with the person's name and email address, along with the name and size of the file.

Embedding the form

There are currently two ways to embed the form on your site:

Pasting the embed code snippet

Login to your Javek subscription, go to Administration > Buckets, and click the "Public Buckets/Uploads" button at the bottom left to open the public buckets settings popup. First, check the "Enable public buckets" box. You can also set a filesize limit for the upload form, and turn on or off a message warning the user of the file limit. Click "Save and Get Code" to go to the next window.

Copy the code snippet and paste it into the html code of one of the web pages on your site. You will want to paste the code somewhere between the <body> and </body> tags. Once the edited web page is uploaded to your web host, you're done!

Installing the Wordpress plugin

Option one: Go to Plugins > Add New in your Wordpress admin and search for "Javek Uploader". Click the Install link for the plugin.

Option two: Download the plugin from and follow the directions given here:

Once you have installed the plugin, you will see a Widget called "Javek Uploader" under Appearance > Widgets. To add the upload form to your site drag the "Javek Uploader" widget into one of the template slots on the right, such as "Main Sidebar". (Available template slots depend on what theme you are using for your website.)

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