Managing Your Subscription


Paid subscriptions are automatically charged on the first of each month for the previous month's usage.

The owner user account will receive an email invoice on the first of each month, and can also view all past invoices on the Billing History page in the Billing section.

The Billing Rate page of the Billing Section outlines your current usage of memeory and user accounts, along with any discounts that may be applied to your account.

Billing Access

By default only the Owner user account can see and access the Billing section for a Javek subscription. However, the Owner can grant access to other users if necessary. At the top of the Billing Access page in the Billing section is a box titled "Users with access to this page". To give access to a user, click the "Add a user" button; you will see a popup that allows you to search for and select a user.

Only the Owner user account can see the "Users with access to this page" box. If the owner grants access to another user that user will be able to view the page and pay bills, but will not be able to grant access to other users.

Canceling a Javek Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no fees or other obligations. If you do cancel your subscription all of the data and files in your subscription will be permanently deleted - if you change your mind we will not be able to recover your data.

Only the Owner user account can cancel a subscription. To start the cancellation process click the "Cancel my subscription" button under Billing > Cancel Account. A popup will appear asking you to confirm that you want to cancel. If you click the "Yes, please cancel my subscription" button in the popup an email will be sent to your user account with a cancellation code. Enter the cancellation code in the popup to finalize cancellation.

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