Sending User Invites

The Invitation Email

Javek provides a way for you to send an invitation email to any user account in your subscription that has not yet accepted the Terms of Service agreement. The email includes a link that allows one-click access to the user's account. When a user clicks the login link in the email they will be logged in to your Javek subscription with their user account. They will be asked to accept the Terms of Service agreement. If they accept they will be asked to change the password for their user account to something personal that they will remember.

The login link only works one time, and also expires 72 hours after you send out the invitation email. You can edit the subject and body of the invitation email to add a branded message tailored to your clients.

[Click to enlarge]Editing the email: Go to the Administration tab in the top navigation bar, click on User Accounts in the right-side menu and click the "Send Invites" button at the bottom of the page. You will see a popup that shows you a preview of what the invitation email will look like as seen in the screenshot to the right. Click the "Edit Email" button to edit the content and subject line. You will now see input boxes for the subject line and email body as shown in the screenshot below. The login link will always be placed below what you enter for the body of the email.[Click to enlarge] The input box for the body of the email gives you the ability to add some basic text formatting using the format buttons above the box. This input box functions exactly the same as the description input box in the bucket creation form. When you are done editing click the "Save Changes" button.

[Click to enlarge] Sending the invites: Click the "Select Users" button in the first popup screen shown in the first screenshot above - you will see a list of all of the users in your Javek subscription that have not yet accepted the Terms of Service agreement as shown in the screenshot to the right. Check the box next to every user you would like to send an invite to. Once you are sure you have the right users selected click the "Send Emails" button to send the invitations. Javek will show you a counter of the progress while it is sending the emails and will give you a confirmation message once it has finished.

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