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Quick Tour of all Features

This is a fast way to discover what comes with every Javek subscription, giving an overview of all the main features.

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How To Articles:


Accepting files through your own website (Public Buckets)

This article shows you how to embed an upload form on your website, and describes how files uploaded through your website are placed into buckets.

Video length: 3:10


Sending Files to Non-Users

How to send files to someone without creating a Javek user account for them.

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The basics of using buckets. Covers how to upload files, add users, comments, and resources, how to delete buckets, etc.

Video length: 3:26



The basics of using events. Covers how to edit event renewal and deadline reminder settings, etc.

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Assets, Resources and Global Resource Assignments

This lesson explains assets and resources in detail. It will also show you global resource assignments, which allow you to add or remove resources from every event of a chosen event type with a few clicks of the mouse.

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Event Types

This lesson covers how to create custom event types that have questions specific to your business process.

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Creating Events in Bulk

This lesson shows you how to create a large number of events for a selected list of users with a single process.

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User Groups

User groups control what different users of your Javek subscription are allowed to do. This lesson will explain them in detail and show you how to manage them.

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Everything in Javek is tied to user accounts. To access Javek you need a user account, and once you have logged in to Javek you can only see content that has been made available to your user account. This lesson covers how to manage users within your Javek subscription.

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Importing Users From Other Software

This lesson shows you how to import a list of users from other software such as Lacerte or Salesforce, or even an Excel spreadsheet.

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Sending User Invites

This lesson shows you how to send out invitation emails to your new users. The invitation emails contain a link they can use to login to their account. You can also edit the content of the invitation to fit your needs.

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Audit Trail Logging

The Audit Trail is a record of every time a user has accessed a piece of information stored in your portal. Learn how to turn it on, read it, or download a spreadsheet log for archiving.

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Managing Your Subscription

This lesson shows you how to access the billing history and current bill for your Javek subscription and how to cancel your subscription.

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Adding Your Logo to Your Subscription

This lesson shows you how to upload a logo to personalize your Javek subscription with your own branding.

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