Event Types

What is an Event Type?

When you create an event you enter the details of an event into the event form. The questions that appear in the event form are determined by the event type; when you create an event type, you create the questions that will show up in the event form. An event type is nothing more than a set of questions for the event form. Since your event lists can be filtered by event type, event types also provide a way of classifying your events.

Every Javek subscription comes with two example event types called "Question" and "Request Meeting" - they can be deleted or edited as you see fit.

Creating Event Types

[Click to enlarge]To create an event type go to the Administration tab in the top navigation bar and click on "Event Types" in the side menu on the right. You will see a list of all of the current event types in your Javek subscription as shown in the screenshot to the right. Click the "Create New Event Type" button at the bottom of the list to go to the event type form.

The event type form, shown in the screenshot to the right, allows you to build the form you will use when you create an event. There are two parts to creating a question - the question text and the question "type". If you want to create a question in the event type that asks "What is your name?" you would enter "What is your name?" for the question text. The question "type" determines what kind of answer field the question will use - examples of each type are given below:

[Click to enlarge]
  • Dropdown list of choices:
  • Single line text:
  • Multiple line text:
  • Date selector:
    (click in the box for a calendar popup)
  • Date and time selector:

The first several fields in the event type form have special purposes. "Event type name" and "Event start date question" are required - everything else is optional.

  • Event type name: The name of the event type.
  • Event start date question: Sets the text and type of the deadline question. For instance, if you created an event type for tax form filing you might enter "Due date:" as the start date question text. The question type here allows you to decide if the the question needs a date and time for an answer or just a date. When you create an event this question's answer is used by Javek for determining when the event should expire or renew.
  • End time question: This is an optional question - it functions just like the start date question. If your event uses an end time question the start date question will still be used to determine the event deadline.
  • [Click to enlarge]Assets Needed: This allows you to enter some guidelines for what an event user should upload to an event. It will be displayed in the Event Assets box on the event page as shown in the screenshot to the right.

Adding your own questions: To add custom questions to an event type click the "Add question" button at the bottom of the event type form. As shown in the screenshot below a new section will appear with three fields: "Question Text", "Type" and "Choices". This works just like the "Event start date question" - the "Question Text" is the text to use for the question and the "Type" is the kind of answer input to use.[Click to enlarge] The "Choices" box is only used if you select "Dropdown list of choices" for Type; you use the "Choices" box to enter the list of answer choices that should show up in the dropdown list. When you enter your list of choices each choice needs to be on its own line. For example, if you select "Dropdown list of choices" for Type and fill out the Choices field like this:

you will get a dropdown that looks like this:

Editing and Event Types

Each event type listed has a number showing how many active events you have of that event type. You can't edit or delete an event type if there are any active events for that event type. (If you changed the questions for an event type with existing events the existing answers for each question might not make sense anymore.)

  • To edit an event type click on the event type name in the list.
  • To delete an event type click the delete button shown in the event types list. A popup will ask you to confirm if you really want to delete it - if you confirm the event type will be permanently deleted.

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