Events look and work just like buckets, but they have a few extra features for working with deadlines. When you create an event, the event form will have an input for the start date or deadline of the event. This allows events to send out deadline reminder emails to event users when a deadline approaches. Events can also be set to renew themselves, or to automatically be deleted a given number of days after they expire.

Creating and Editing Events, Adding Files and Comments

The process for creating and editing events, and adding files and comments, is exactly the same as it is for buckets. (Go to the Events tab, click the "Create new event" button, etc.)

Deleting Events

To delete an event, go to the Events tab and click the "View past events" button. In your past events list, click the checkbox for the event(s) you want to delete and click the "Delete events" button at the bottom of the list. Admins can also delete events in the same way under Administration > Events.

Deadline Reminders

Events will send out a reminder email to all event users when an event deadline approaches. Admin users can set how many days before the deadline the email notice gets sent out by going to the Administration tab and changing the "Reminder Email" setting.

Event Renewal

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Admin users can set an event to renew itself. On the event page there is a box that says "Email updates" and "Event Recurrence", under the "Event Details" box. If you click the "Event Recurrence" link, a form will expand allowing you to select a schedule this event should use to renew itself, such as "Weekly" or "Monthly". Click the type you want and click Save.

Renewing events create a copy of themselves when their deadline expires. The copy of the original event will have a new deadline, set according to the renewal schedule you selected. The event details, resources and users will all be added to the copy. The comments and assets will not, so event users have fresh space for a new discussion and sharing new files relevant to the new deadline.

Event Types, Global Resources, Bulk Event Creation

You can create customized event types. Details are explained here:

You can assign resources "globally", which means that you can add resources to every event of a given event type with a few clicks. Details are here:

You can quickly create large numbers of events in bulk. Details are here:

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