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A bucket is a web page for sharing files in your client portal that can only be accessed by users you have invited. Buckets are divided into three sections - one for listing files, one for comments, and one for a description of the bucket. You can see what a bucket looks like by clicking the thumbnail image to the right.

Creating Buckets

To create a bucket, click the Buckets tab and click the "Create a Bucket" button above the bucket list. Enter a title and description in the bucket form and click Save, which will send you to the "Select Users" page. At this point the bucket has been created. You can optionally add users to the bucket by clicking their names in the User List on the left side of the "Select Users" page.

Adding Files and Comments

Files: Click the "Add a link or file" button under Bucket Assets to select a file on your computer and upload it to the bucket. Admin users can also add resources to the bucket by clicking the "Add a link or file" button under Resources to open the resources popup. (Click here to see the difference between resources and assets.) If you want to add a resource that has already been uploaded to your portal, just select it from the list in the resources popup. If you need to upload a new resource, click the "Add new resource" tab in the resource popup, upload the file, and click the "Select resources" tab in the popup to select the new file.

Comments: Click the "Add a new comment" button next to the "Discussion" section at the bottom of the page.

Editing Buckets/Users

To edit a bucket description click the "Edit bucket" button in the Bucket Details box. This will send you to the same form you used to create the bucket. Edit the title and/or description and click Save.

To add or remove users from a bucket, click the "Edit bucket users" button in the Bucket Details box. This will send you to the "Select Users" page you used when you created the bucket. Clicking a user in the User List on the left will add a user. Clicking a user in the Bucket Users list on the right will remove the user.

Deleting Buckets

Go to the Buckets tab to view your bucket list. Click the checkbox for the bucket(s) you want to delete and click the Delete buckets button at the bottom left of the list.

Email Notices

Anytime a user uploads a file, writes a comment or edits the bucket, an email notice will be sent out to all users of the bucket. If you do not want to receive email updates for a particular bucket, uncheck the "Email updates" box just under Bucket Details.

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