Assets, Resources and Global Resource Assignments

Assets and Resources

Files that are shared in Javek are classified as either Assets or Resources. What's the difference?

  • Assets: Assets are files that are only relevant to a specific event or bucket, such as a person's bank statement. Assets are uploaded to a specific event - when that event is deleted all of the assets in the event will also be deleted.
  • Resources: Resources are for generic documents that will be used repeatedly, such as a PDF brochure or tax form that would be added to many different events or buckets. Resources are uploaded to your Javek subscription.

For instance, a blank 1040 tax form PDF would be a resource that would be used by many different events or buckets. If an accountant has a client named John who needs to fill out a 1040 form, the accountant would create an event for this 1040 deadline and add the 1040 form PDF as a resource. However, if John fills out the 1040, he should upload it as an asset, because it now has information that is only relevant to John's event. (As a Guest user, the only place John will be able to upload a document is under the Event Assets box in his event, so he doesn't have to think about whether he should upload his form as an asset or a resource. Only admins can add resources.)

When John's 1040 event renews itself for the next cycle, the 1040 form under Resources will be carried over to the new event, but the filled-out 1040 form under Assets will not. Since assets contain information that is only relevant to a specific deadline they are not carried over to renewed events.

Managing Resources

[Click to enlarge]To add resources to your Javek subscription, click on the Administration tab in the top navigation bar and click Resources in the side menu as shown in the screenshot on the right. This page lists all of the resources in your subscription.

Adding Resources to Your Subscription: Click the "Add a new resource" button at the bottom of the page to add a file or link to your list of resources. A popup for uploading files and adding links will show up - it looks and functions exactly the same as the assets popup in an event described here. In addition, you can also upload files to your subscription's list of resources directly from the resource popup in an event page as described here.

Global Resource Assignment

Global Resource Assignment is one of the great time-saving features Javek has. Let's imagine that the accountant in the example above has 500 clients, and each client has their own 1040 tax filing event. What if the accountant wants to update a PDF brochure that he added as a resource to each of these events? Without global resource assignment he would have to open each event one-by-one to change the assigned resources, which would take forever. However, global resource assignments allow you to change all 500 events with a few clicks.

Global resource assignment allows you to edit the resource assignment for an event type. Every event belongs to an event type - for instance, the 500 1040 tax filing events in the example above could be an event type called "1040 ES". (As a reminder, you can create any number of custom event types.)

  • If you globally assign a resource to the "1040 ES" event type, the resource will be added to every existing "1040 ES" event AND every "1040 ES" event you create in the future.
  • If you globally unassign a resource from the "1040 ES" event type, that resource will be removed from every existing "1040 ES" event.
  • You can override a global assignment in an individual event; if you open an event and unassign a resource that has been globally assigned the resource will be removed from that individual event, but no other events will be affected.

[Click to enlarge]Changing an Event Type's Global Resource Assignments: Go to Administration in the top navigation bar and click on Events in the side menu. Click the "Assign Resources Globally" button at the bottom of the page - a popup will appear that allows you to select the event type you want to assign resources to as shown in the screenshot to the right.

  • Select an event type and click "Next"; you will see a list of the resources in your Javek subscription.
  • Check or un-check the resources you want to assign or un-assign and click "Save". The ones you checked will be added to all events of the event type you selected. If you un-checked any resources they will be removed from all events of the selected event type.

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