A Secure Alternative to Email

Javek: The Client Portal for Business.

Branded portal website

Javek gives you a brandable client-portal website for sharing files and other information with clients in a secure, password-protected environment. You can customize the web address of the portal site and easily add your own logo.

Accept files on your own website

Easily embed a secure upload form on your own website so clients can send you files without logging in to your portal. All files uploaded through an embedded form are sorted by client email address, automatically organizing a client's uploads together in one place, searchable by client name, without any effort from you.

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Send files to anyone

Send download links via email for files stored in your portal so clients can download a specific file without logging in. To maintain security, links use an SSL url, expire after 48 hours and can only be used once.

Private comment threads

In Javek, files are either stored in buckets or events. (An event is a bucket connected to a deadline.) Each bucket and event has its own comment thread. Your written discussions and relevant files can now be stored in a single place, which means no more hunting through scattered email conversations.

Client action notices

All users of a bucket or event will receive an email notice when the bucket or event is updated or a file or comment is added. If you embed an upload form on your website you will receive an email notice when a client uploads a file. If you send someone a download link you will receive an email when the link is used noting the time and name of the file downloaded.

Audit Trail Logging

User actions that access information, such as downloading a file or opening a bucket or event, are saved to an audit trail log. This will assist you in developing business procedures that comply with HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and state data-privacy regulations.

Deadline reminders and renewals

As noted above, Javek stores files in buckets and events. Events have a deadline and can send automatic deadline reminders via email to all users who belong to an event. If an event is for a repeating deadline, you can set the event to renew according to an appropriate schedule, such as annually or quarterly. For example, a CPA could create an event for an estimated tax payment deadline, and set the event to renew every 15th of April, June, September and December. The event will copy itself on April 15th, with the new event having a deadline of June 15th. Client info and event resources will carry over, but the new event will have a fresh comment thread.

Separate generic files from client files

Often you have generic files, such as brochures or proprietary form templates, that are used over and over with your clients. Javek makes it easy to assign a single file to multiple buckets and events as a "resource", allowing you to securely share a file with many different clients without copying it into different folders or repeatedly emailing it.

Easy access control

Your portal can only be accessed with password-protected user accounts. You have detailed control over what content is available to individual portal users. Each bucket and event is accessible by invitation only. You also have detailed control over who can create buckets, users, etc.

Easy integration

Javek has many tools to ease your integration. You can import users from other software such as Salesforce or Lacerte, or even an Excel spreadsheet. You can create events in bulk, assign resources to events in bulk, send invites to new users in bulk, and much more. The signup process is so simple you could be up and running 30 seconds from now.

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